Publication of Islam Indonesia: Dialektika Agama, Budaya, dan Gender

Book cover PIES 2018 group.jpg

The latest PIES book, the product of the research and writing undertaken by the 2018 PIES cohort, has been published by LKiS. With chapters by Ade Yamin on the Muslim Dani in Papua, Damanhuri on the texts produced by kiai in Madura, Mufliha Wijayati on female-initiated divorce and substantive justice in Lampung, Nikmatullah on discrimination against Sasak women in Lombok, Norman Ohira on expressions of ‘Malayness’ in historical Malay texts, and Zulfatun Ni’mah on the normalisation of unilateral divorce in Lombok, the book provides unique insight into some of the issues being explored by a generation of younger Muslim scholars in Indonesia.

The book will be formally launched at an online event early in 2021 – details to follow. Congratulations to the 2018 PIES group on such a wonderful book!

PIES 2018 group photo.jpg