Book launch: Kontestasi Nalar Keberagamaan Kontemporer: Dari Konstruksi Identitas Menuju Koeksistensi Sosial (The Contest of Contemporary Religious Reasoning: from Identity Construction to Social Coexistence)

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On 9 September 2021, we launched the final book in the PIES series, Kontestasi Nalar Keberagamaan Kontemporar on zoom. Professor Tim Lindsey of University of Melbourne gave an address on ‘Perda Syariah: Exposing Indonesia’s Constitutional Flaw’, and each of the six authors introduced their chapters. The book was officially launched by HE Penny Williams, the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia.

Kontestasi Nalar Keberagamaan Kontemporar, edited by Rizqa Ahmadi, is a compilation of the research by the 2019 cohort of PIES participants. In the first chapter, Wildani Hefni explores the theoretical underpinnings of moderate jurisprudence (fiqh moderasi). This is followed by Rizqa Ahmadi’s research into a local Sufi order based in rural East Java, the Shiddiqiyyah. Both chapters share a major concern: the peaceful coexistence of Indonesia’s many religions and cultures, and the contribution of Islam to nation-building. The third chapter, by Umi Najikhah Fikriyati, returns to the issue of extremism raised in Hefni’s chapter, with case studies of three former jihadis who successfully reconstruct their identities via Facebook to overcome stigma by documenting their journeys of positive engagement with the community. Shinta Dewianty, in her chapter, provides us with insight into the tight-knit Islamic group, Majelis Tarbiyah, based in Garut, West Java, known for its discipline and exclusivity as well as successful economic empowerment of members. The fifth chapter, by Abdulloh Fuadi, examines how Generation Z, in urban middle-class Bekasi, uses the internet to acquire religious knowledge and identity. In the final chapter Win Arifin Listyaningrum narrates the experiences of female Muslim postgraduate students from Indonesia who move to the United States and Australia to pursue their dreams of higher education

Kontestasi Nalar Keberagamaan Kontemporer demonstrates that the research conducted by the 2019 PIES cohort is intimately connected to issues of great significance to contemporary Indonesian Islam. Congratulations to all six authors!

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The authors of Kontestasi Nalar Keberagamaan Kontemporer: Umi Najikhah Fikriyati, Shinta Dewianty, Abdulloh Fuadi, Win Listyaningrum Arifin, Wildani Hefni and Rizqa Ahmadi

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The 2019 group at IALF in Jakarta with Greg Fealy

The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, HE Penny Williams